Over the centuries members of the Grand Ducal Family built up from scratch, acquired and inherited various residences in both Mecklenburg and abroad. Following the end of the monarchy in Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1918, the majority of this property was expropriated by the new Free State, while at the same time members of the Grand Ducal Family in Russia also had their property in that country expropriated after the revolution there.

In the post monarchy era in Mecklenburg a number of the former and current residences of the Grand Ducal Family were targeted and destroyed in arson attacks by first the German Nazi’s, and then subsequently the Soviet Union. Since reunification restoration work has been ongoing at some of the surviving residences. After Schloss Remplin, the last remaining property of the Grand Ducal Family in Mecklenburg, was largely destroyed in an arson attack in 1940, the family lived in Berlin before their new residence there was destroyed in a Allied bombing raid. Since 1945 members of the Grand Ducal Family have resided in Southern Germany. Duke Georg Alexander however returned after reunification and lived on Castle Island in Mirow until his death in 1996.

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What was to became Schloss Neustrelitz was originally a hunting lodge built around 1710/1711 in Glienke on the Zierker lake. After the loss in a fire of…… (Read More)


Construction of Schloss Mirow began in 1707 under the direction of the Pomeranian architect Joachim Borchmann taking five years to complete… (Read More)


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Hunting Lodges

The Jagdschloss Prillwitz (Prillwitz hunting lodge) was built between 1888-1890 by the Hereditary Grand Duke, the future Grand Duke Adolf Friedrich V, on the bank…… (Read More)


Schloss Remplin is located in the town of Remplin which during the time of the monarchy was located in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin…… (Read More)


The modest Mecklenburg House located on Buckingham Gate street, near to Buckingham Palace, was acquired on a lease in 1889 by the Grand Duchess Augusta…… (Read More)


The Mikhailovsky Palace is the former St Petersburg residence of the Russian branch of the grand ducal family. Following the birth of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich….. (Read More)

29 October 2018