Duke Leopold

His Highness Georg Leopold Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg, Prince of Wenden, Schwerin and Ratzeburg, Count of Schwerin, Lord of the Lands of Rostock and Stargard was born on 23 September 2023 in Rotterdam. He is the son of Hereditary Prince Alexander and Hereditary Princess Hande.

As is traditional for the eldest son of the family, Duke Leopold received the name Georg as his first name. The name Leopold was chosen in honour of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I (1640-1705) who formalised the creation of the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1701 by imperial decree. His third name Borwin, which is also borne by his grandfather Duke Borwin, is a Wendish name with a long history in the House of Mecklenburg having first been given to Heinrich Borwin I, Prince of Mecklenburg (died 1227), the grandson of the progenitor of the family, Niklot, Prince of the Obotrites (died 1160).

Duke Leopold was baptised at the Church of Our Saviour, in The Hague, on 13 April 2024.

2 October 2023