Memorial Mirow

Memorial Service in Mirow

The annual memorial service for deceased members of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was held today on the Palace Island in Mirow.

The ceremony which takes place in the family crypt in the Church of St John on the Mirow Palace Island was lead by the retired catholic Pastor of Neustrelitz, Bernhard Szymanski., Assisted by Felix Evers, Pastor of Neubrandenburg and Christian Brodowski the Pastor at the Chirch of St John. The author Sandra Lembke spoke during the service about the life of Grand Duchess Augusta who died 100 years ago this year.

In addition to Grand Duchess Augusta, also remembered in this year’s service was Grand Duke Carl who this year was born 275 years ago and died 200 years ago this year, his daughter Queen Friederike of Hanover who died 175 years ago and Duke Georg Alexander who died 20 years ago in Mirow and is to date the last member of the family to be interned in the family crypt.

The memorial service is held annually on the penultimate Saturday of August. Next year’s service will thus take place on 19 August.

Yesterday 19 August at the City Church in Stavenhagen a memorial service led by Bishop Baron Andreas von Maltzahn was held for Duchess Ekaterina (Katharina), born Grand Duchess of Russia, to mark the 150th anniversary of the Katharina Foundation which she founded and bears her name. The historian Marco Zabel read out an address from His Highness The Duke during the service.