Hunting Lodges


The Prillwitz Hunting Lodge

The Jagdschloss Prillwitz (Prillwitz hunting lodge) was built between 1888-1890 by the Hereditary Grand Duke, the future Grand Duke Adolf Friedrich V, on the bank of the Lieps lake not far from Schloss Hohenziertz. The Hereditary Grand Duke had administered the Prillwitz estate since 1882.

The building was designed in the Art Nouveau style by the architect E. Müschen. The estate and manor house at Prillwitz had been in the possession of the Grand Ducal Family since 1795 when it was brought from the von Bredow family by the new Duke Carl.

With the death of the last Grand Duke, Adolf Friedrich VI, in 1918 the hunting lodge was inherited by his mother the Grand Duchess Elisabeth. Following her death in 1933 the estate was sold to Baron Georg Taube.

The Schweizerhaus Hunting Lodge


The Jagdschloss Schweizerhaus (Schweizerhaus hunting lodge) was built by Grand Duke Georg in 1833 in the mountains on the edge of Serrahn near Neustrelitz. It was built in the Swiss chalet arctectualal style which also gave the hunting lodge its name Schweizerhaus (Swiss House).

Although primarily a hunting lodge it was also used as a residence and a place where the Grand Duke could host audiences. In 1860 Grand Duke Georg died in his hunting lodge.

In 1945 the Schweizerhaus was destroyed in a fire believed to have been started by advancing Soviet forces.


The Jagdschloss Waldsee was built in 1899-1900 by the then Hereditary Grand Duke and future Grand Duke Adolf Friedrich V. At the same time that the hunting lodge was being built a 6,000 acre game reserve was constructed for the Grand Ducal Family.

After the death of Grand Duke Adolf Friedrich VI in 1918 the hunting lodge passed to his sister Duchess Marie and her husband Prince Julius Ernst of Lippe.

29 October 2018