Family crypt in Mirow restored

Their Highnesses Duchess Olga and Duke Michael represented the Grand Ducal House at a service held today in Mirow to mark the completion of restoration work on the family crypt in the Church of St John and the church’s tower.

The service which was attended by over 200 persons was led by the Church of St John’s Pastor Christian Brodowski and the retired Roman Catholic Pastor Bernhard Szymanski of Neustrelitz.

Their Highnesses and the other guests heard speeches by Pastor Brodowski who expressed his thanks to all those who had been involved with the restoration work while the Administrator of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mr Heiko Kärger expressed his pleasure at the quality of the work and affirmed his districts commitment to providing continued support for construction work, followed by Dr Regina Ströbl of the Crypt Research Centre and the historian and author Ms Sandra Lembke who spoke to the attendees on the restoration of the coffins in the family crypt.

Afterwards Their Highnesses spoke on behalf of the Grand Ducal House to pay tribute to all those who had been involved in work restoring the family’s crypt, following which the Chairman of the Cultural Heritage of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Society Dr Rajko Lippert, who was involved in work to identify the deceased during the coffins restorations, took guests through the restored crypts.