Seasonal opening of Schloss Hohenzieritz memorial

On 10 March the 12th seasonal opening of the Luise Memorial at Schloss Hohenziertz took place. The opening of the memorial this year falls on the 236th anniversary of the birth of the subject of the memorial, Queen Luise of Prussia, who died at Schloss Hohenziertz in 1810. Queen Luise was a daughter of Grand Duke Carl.

Also remembered at this year’s event was King Friedrich II ‘the Great’ of Prussia who was born 300 years ago this year and whose links to Mecklenburg were highlighted by the head of the memorial Mr Hans-Joachim Engel. Dr Rajko Lippert, the Grand Ducal House’s spokesman and historian, read out a greeting from His Highness the Duke, a copy of which can be seen below. Music from the period of King Friedrich ‘the Great’ was played at the event by the Salon Orchestra from Neubrandenburg.