Annual memorial service in Inzigzoken

Their Highnesses Duke Borwin, his wife Duchess Alice, younger son Duke Michael and uncle Duke Carl Gregor today attended the annual memorial service for deceased members of the grand ducal house at the family crypt Inzigkofen in Sigmaringen.

The Inzigkofen service is the second memorial service to be held for deceased members of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz following the Mirow service which is held on the penultimate Saturday of August. The family members buried in the Inzigkofen crypt are Duke Georg (1899-1963), his wives Duchess Irene (nee Raievskya; 1892-1955) and Duchess Charlotte (born Archduchess of Austria; 1921-1989), his daughter Duchess Helene (1924-1962) and his daughter in law Duchess Maria Margarethe (born Princess of Hohenzollern; 1928-2006) the late wife of Duke Carl Gregor.