Engagement of The Hereditary Prince and Miss Hande Macit

The engagement of The Hereditary Prince, elder son of the Duke and Duchess of Mecklenburg, with Miss Hande Macit, only daughter of Mr Suphi Macit and Mrs Cemile Macit (nee Uçar), was announced today by the couple from their home in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The couple have decided for the tradition of rings in the national colours of Mecklenburg.

The Duke and Duchess and Mr and Mrs Macit received the news via video call with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel. The Duke, as head of the Grand Ducal House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, has given formal consent to the engagement.

Miss Macit was born on 16 September 1992 in Tarsus. She studied at the Tarsus American College in her native Turkey before moving to the Netherlands in 2010 to study International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University. She graduated in 2014 and has subsequently taken Dutch citizenship.

In 2018 with her brother Kerem Macit she founded the Luwia Yoghurt company which produces freshly made yoghurt in Rotterdam.

Miss Macit is undergoing religious instruction for her christening into the Roman Catholic Church, she is also learning German.


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