Auction of the Remplin Palace

The remaining north wing of the Remplin Palace

On 8 March 2019 the remaining north wing of the Remplin Palace, which is a listed cultural building, will be put up for auction in Rostock through the auction house Norddeutsche Grundstücksauktionen AG.

The once magnificent residence, which was acquired by Duke Georg in 1852 as a base for the Russian branch of the Grand Ducal House when in Mecklenburg, was largely destroyed during the night of 10-11 April 1940 in an arson attack instigated by local members of the ruling Nazi Party. All that remained standing after the fire was the palace’s north wing.

After the fire the Grand Ducal Family were forced to leave Mecklenburg and eventually settled in south western Germany after the Second World War where they continue to reside today. Over a decade after German reunification and over 60 years after the fire, the north wing building was restored to the ownership of the Grand Ducal Family in 2004.

In the many decades since 1940 the building was left in desperate need of restoration work, as were a number of other culturally historic buildings in Mecklenburg, which fell in communist East Germany, such as the state owned Mirow Palace which was restored and reopened in 2014 at a cost of millions of Euros. The extensive cost of the restoration work of the Remplin Palace is well beyond the private means available.

Therefore the difficult decision has been taken to auction off the remaining north wing of the Remplin Palace in the hope a buyer can be found with the resources to finance restoration efforts.

The catalogue for the auction can be viewed here.