Funeral of Duke Carl Gregor

The funeral service of His late Highness Duke Carl Gregor took place at the Einsiedlerkapelle in Inzigkofen this afternoon on the 12th anniversary of the death of his beloved wife Duchess Maria Margarethe.

The mourners included The Duke and Duchess of Mecklenburg, Duchess Olga, Duke Michael, Duchess Marie Katharina, her husband Wolfgang von Wasielewski, their daughter Baroness Natalia von Reitzenstein with her husband Baron Constantin von Reitzenstein and their children, their son Alexander von Wasielewski and his wife Johanna, Duchess Irene, her husband Constantin Harmsen, their son Maximilian Harmsen and his wife Marianna and children. Other mourners included The Prince of Hohenzollern, Count von Bissingen and Dr Rajko Lippert, Grand Ducal Family spokesman and Chairman of the Mecklenburg-Strelitz Cultural Heritage Society.

Duke Carl Gregor will be laid to rest at a later date in the Einsiedlerkapelle in a private family service alongside his wife Duchess Maria Margarethe, father Duke Georg, mother Duchess Irina, sister Duchess Helene and stepmother Duchess Charlotte.